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February – March

Here is some of my work I’ve been working on this past month.

As I am working both part time as a tailor and the remanding 3 – 4 days a week with Truly Bridal I find I spend the majority of my time sewing which leaves not much time to blog so will plan on giving you monthly updates until I have worked out a better system of showcasing my work.

The majority of my work here is related to a long project with ‘Gown 2 Glam’ coming later on in the year which is a collection of 11 stunning convertible wedding dresses. I’ve also been working on commissioned bridesmaid dresses as well as cravats and pocket squares for the boys.


Click on images to enlarge.


Thank you.

Claire X
Cravat and Pocket Square

Cravat and Pocket Square

Bridesmaid Gown (one of two)

Bridesmaid Gown (one of two(

Bridesmaid Gown (one of two)

Bridesmaid Gown (one of two)


Gown 2 Glam


Gown 2 Glam

Gown 2 Glam

Gown 2 Glam

Gown 2 Glam


Gown 2 Glam

Gown 2 GlamGown 2 Glam

Gown 2 Glam


Bridesmaid Gown

Bridesmaid Gown experimentation

Gown 2 Glam

2014-04-01 14.59.34

Wedding Fair at Richard Herrod Centre Notts


Wedding Fair

An opportunity to poke your head round and say hello.

£100 off Bespoke Wedding Dresses booked in 2014



10% off all other services from alterations to cravats and pocket squares to the bridesmaid gowns.

This will only be available on bookings made on  the 16th of March 2014



Open For Business

Welcome to Truly Bridal.

The Home of Bespoke Bridal wear.


For the past few months I’ve been working hard to create my own business from scratch.

The warmest of thank yous goes to all my friends and family who made it possible.




I shall be keeping you updated on my dress making progress directly from my studio situated in the heart of Nottingham City in a renovated Lace factory.


Feel free to ask questions or comment or even book a free consultation.



Your dream dress made from scratch.


Truly Inspired… China

Dresses that perfectly capture the style of traditional asian dress but with a contemporary english twist.

A Window to the Collection

My designs are inspired by Chinese and Indian style formal wear. I have tried to capture elements of each of the cultures and blend it with traditional, british bridal wear.

This collection is currently under construction so stay tuned.