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My first make is merely days away, the first of many.

My main inspiration for this piece was the Orient.

I want this dress to be fluid and delicate but capture what the Orient means to me.

I was inspired by art and tradition and here is just a sneak peak at what got the pencil moving.

Watch this space….

Truly Inspired… Antoni-Gaudi

Come bright and early tomorrow, because we’re going to do some beautiful things. – Antoni Gaudi

Following a wonderful trip to Barcelona whilst on holiday I have been inspired by one of the worlds most famous architects.

Antoni Gaudi.

Here is just some of his stunning creations.

The Painted World of Holly Fowler

I stumbled across a blog today which was discussing the beautiful work of Holly Fowler.

Fashion had an epic party with Fine art and this is what emerged.

Truly inspiring and only whispers the possibilities of what this could do for design.

Truly Inspired… Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen

Truly Inspired… Lady in Red

Red and white are the two most prominently used colours in Chinese wedding dresses.

Red colour is considered as the symbol of love and prosperity; hence most of the dresses include red as their base colour.