Terms and Conditions and FAQs

I don’t like to intimidate you with long winded sectioned terms and conditions so in plain english I have outlined all the legal information you require.


Once your design has been agreed and finalised you will receive an invoice with a detailed breakdown of all the materials and labour you’ll receive, and a breakdown of your payments.
Once have received this invoice you will have until the first payment to make any amendments to this invoice, after which it is considered signed and all payments must be made in full.

As I work by myself, I work by allocating time slots for each of my clients and often have to turn work away if it overlaps with another client. I therefore cannot promise to add work on to your invoice or afford to have empty slots within my calendar however if plenty of notice has been given I can sometimes make amendments so please ask if you require any changes to your invoice.

If there is obvious mistakes in your invoice (as in i can’t add up what 5 meters of satin at £10 a meter costs) of course I will put these right! However as I endeavour to get these right it is your responsibility to check if I am ordering what you want.


You will visit your garment on several occasions over the making or alterations process. Two fittings per client are free within your invoice.

(For example where I’m making/altering more than one bridesmaid dress 2 Fittings per bridesmaid are included; and no it is not essential to have arrive together so you don’t need to worry about rounding everyone up at the same time. Although it does help!)

I may ask on occasion for you to come in for an extra fitting which will be free of charge however I can’t afford to waste time where all the family come to just visit your dress so any extra fittings will carry an extra fee of £20p/h. I am more than happy to take some lovely photos to show your family and friends (and yourself of course)to take away with you.

Once you have received your final and completed dress and all payments have been made you have two workings days to inspect the final garment at your leisure.

I do my best to finish your beautiful gown to the best of my ability however, buttons may be loose, threads may hang, sequins may fall off or you find your train is just that bit too long after all. So yes of course you can arrange to bring in your dress for tweaks and alterations during this grace period however it is your responsibility to make sure this is done within the two days allocated for you, after which any alterations may be charged (see alterations price list).


How do I pay?

Most dresses/garments are payed in at least two installments.

Option one

1: 50% ‘Deposit’ covering  toile fitting design and fabric costs; after which work can begin on your beautiful gown. This is none refundable once the fabric has been purchased and toile constructed and fitted.
2: 50% upon dress completion.

Option two

1: 50% of labour costs to cover toile fitting and design and fabric costs; after which work can begin on your beautiful gown.
2: Remaining 50% of labour costs paid in monthly instalments with the remaining payment paid a month before your wedding at the latest.

Due to the nature of the process I am unable to offer and refunds if the work has begun.

I appreciate finding large sums of money (when you’re probably having to do this on a regular basis during wedding planning anyway) is tough and daunting and a stressed bride is not a happy bride! I am more than happy to offer bespoke payment schemes where you pay in monthly/weekly instalments (however you get paid) until a minimum of one month before you wish to take the dress away. This does mean that your dress remains my property until the final payment is made. It also means any last minute alterations as mentioned above will have to be done in the remaining time also so please feel free to discuss your personal payment requirements with myself.

Similarly with my alterations service I will usually separate the amount due into two separate payments (depending on how near to your event it is.) all payments MUST be cleared by the final fitting or paid in FULL on the day of the fitting or I reserve the right to return any items to my studio to be picked up once payment has cleared.

How will I get into my dress on the day??

Although it is good to have a buddy on hand during the day sometimes your ladies may not be able to dress you with the elegance and efficiency which you get during your fittings.

Lucky for you there is a seamstress in the house! I offer to fit brides on the day for a fee of £50 for half the day within 10 miles of the studio. after which it will be an additional £15 for every 10 miles extra I have to travel. (please note I don’t tend to drive any further than 20 miles away however I’m willing to make an exception depending on circumstances so please discuss with me your personal requirements.

How long will it take?

I recommend you book an appointment at least 9 – 12 months in advance to make sure you get your desired slot. From the toile stage the dress can take up to 4 months to complete. Exceptions can me made if the slots are available but I book up fast and take on dresses up to nearly 2 years in advance so book early to avoid disappointment. Even if you wish to cancel your initial appointment at a later stage.

For alterations I recommend bringing in your dress no later than 6 weeks prior to the wedding to allow time for extra adjustments and tweaks if required

What if my wedding is cancelled?

Depressing as this sounds it does happen. Depending on what stage of the process we are in at the time I may be able to offer a partial reimbursement. However as mentioned above when you’re having a gown made it is custom to yourself to your own specifications and you have booked in a making slot in my books therefore you are required to pay the balance on your invoice.

A relative has given me her wedding dress material/have my own fabrics can I use these?

OF COURSE! I use my own bridal wear fabric specialists by my own recommendation due to their high quality fabrics, constancy and their constant stock however if you wish to purchase your own material feel free to ask how much you may require. Please note this is at your own risk and expense.  Refunds will not be given on materials you have purchased yourself in the event of a cancelled wedding or you’ve changed your mind on your design at a later stage if the fabric has already been cut.

What if you are unable to finish the dress due to injury or ill health?

I’d like to point out that this has never happened and hopefully never will. However if i am unable to complete the garment as i am bed bound or lost all my limbs you will get a refund of your labour costs however I am unable to return fabrics.

What if I miss my appointment?

You have 24 hours to cancel your fittings. Failure to do so will mean this is counted as one of your pre paid fittings in the invoice. If you require another fitting this will be an additional £20.

What if i gain/lose weight during/after the dress is complete?

Once you have picked up your dress whether it be bespoke/you’ve had alterations done to your dress you have 2 days grace  period to inspect your garment in your own time. During this time any flaws/mistakes or if there is anything you’re unhappy with you can bring it back to be corrected free of charge. After this time any further alterations/changes may be charged. (See Price List). PLEASE NOTE: Depending on how close to your wedding these alterations may need to be completed. I may not be able to do extra alterations if they have been presented to me too last minute depending on how much work I already have in.

What if i change my mind once you’ve started making?

If you decide you don’t like the design you are required to pay the invoice in full as the design, toile and invoice have all been agreed. If you think of something last minute I shall do my best to work with your idea however make no promises. It is your responsibility at your toile fitting to mention any problems with the fit. Depending on the nature of the garment there may be room for tweaking after the garment is constructed but not always.